Could AI be created through predicted text?

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

Could learn to human speech patterns through our text messages— and become unrecognizable from human speech — Just think of the sample size they have got to choose from with the number of instant messages and texts sent every day.

is this not how we learned to speak? we listened to the speech patterns of our parents and peers. Their text predictions seem to be getting better every day. Surely if the AI is exposed to enough text conversations would it not be able to take flight and speak for itself.

as I type the word “how” into my phone, I'm given the options of “has” “was “do”. It almost reminds of those choose your own adventure games. I'm picking “has”. I arrive at “how has your day been” I type “very” and end up at “very good dear”. it's at this point I realize I have nothing better to do with my day and get it to talk to itself with me prompting the opening word.

what do you think about”

I think we are having a good time

“Why do you guys have to be in the same place as a man in the morning”

ok the last example shows it not perfect but may be helpful for David Lynch with any future dialogue for his screenplays

The question is, does it need to understand context are just recognize the most appropriate verbal response statistically like machines do with ‘chess’ and ‘go’.

Is what we call intelligence just pattern recognition. which is a computers specialty. Even we get confused about what we are being told on a regular basis. If the machine has seen the sentence structure could it not just respond with the statistically most common response, bearing in mind the database it would have to pull from if it had access to all text send since let us say 2010. Would this be the logical step up from mastering the complex moves in ‘go’.

Due to my boredom, I feel the need to return to my predictive text tests.

Medium is a good way to get a good job” hmmmm”

the meaning of life is to be a good thing for the people”

the greatest movie is the last time we saw the video of a man who got off twitter

You may be thinking we have had crappy chatbots since forever that learn as we type and say funny things like their favorite movie is “The Terminator” but I'm imagining an algorithm with the access to every text conversation in the last 10 years, choosing optimal responses.

Disclaimer: I have never opened to tabs and got two chatbots to have a conversation at 2 AM when unable to sleep.

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